Boat Rental Terms

Our terms and conditions for boat rental include, but are not limited to, the following:


  1. In order to legally operate a motorized vessel on the Lake of the Ozarks you must have either been born before January 1, 1984, or possess a Boating Safety Identification Card, any state’s Boating Safety ID is sufficient.
    • If you need to get Boating Safety ID you may do so at
    • A Temporary Boating Safety card may be obtained from
    • For additional information please visit
  2. There are to be no more than 12 people on any WFO vessel as per Federal Regulations.
  3. People 7 years old and under must always wear a Personal Flotation Device while on the vessel and dock.
  4. The lessee (renter) must be at least 18 years old with a valid driver’s license or ID card to sign the rental agreement.
  5. A $150-$300 deposit is required depending on the vessel. This deposit is refundable as long as the equipment has suffered no damage and our rules have been followed.
  6. Fuel is not included in the rental fees.  The vessel will start with a full tank of fuel.  When it arrives at the end of the rental we will refill the fuel tank and charge the renter for the gallons filled.
  7. Renters should arrive at our Osage Beach marina fully ready to board at least 20 minutes prior to your reservation.
  8. If the renter is over 30 minutes late for their reservation the vessel will be made available for other renters.
  9. All-day rental check-in is at the very latest 11:00 am.  If the renter has not shown up or called by 11:00 am they will forfeit the vessel and be charged accordingly until the vessel is rented.
  10. All vessels must return to WFO by 5:00 pm unless otherwise agreed upon.
  11. There is no boating at night on WFO vessels.
  12. Vessel operators must wear a Kill Switch Link, a lanyard that shuts off the motor if the driver moves too far away from the vessel controls.  The only time the kill switch links are not required is during docking, trailering, trolling and operating in no-wake zones.
  13. Vessels must remain within the boundaries set forth by WFO.  Those boundaries are:
    • To the Northwest: Shady Gator’s/H. Toad’s, the 7 Mile Marker of the main channel.
    • To the South/West:  Margaritaville, the 26 Mile Marker of the main channel.
    • To the South/East: Public Beach #1 in the Lake of the Ozarks State Park, The 11.5 Mile Marker of the Grand Glaize Arm.If the vessel travels outside these boundaries and requires assistance the lessee will be responsible for all costs including but not limited to towing fees.
  14. WFO is located at the 17.5-mile marker in Backwater Jacks Cove. This is a long no-wake cove with an approximate idle travel time of 10 minutes from our dock to the main channel.
  15. If a vessel is late to return to WFO the renter will be charged a $2.00/minute late fee.
  16. If excessive cleaning is required there will be a $40 fee.
  17. If you wish to cancel a reservation you must give WFO at least 24 hours’ notice.