Frequently Asked Questions

Do you rent personal watercraft/waverunners?

We won’t be renting PWC’s this season, but we may in the future.

How old do I have to be to to rent a boat?

You must be at least 18 years old with a valid ID to sign the rental agreement.

In order to drive one of our motorized vessels you must:

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Have a Boater Safety License if you were born on or after January 1, 1984.

The legal drinking age in Missouri is 21 years old.

Are pets allowed on the boat?

Definitely yes! We are very pet friendly!

Can I bring a cooler?

Absolutely.  If you are bringing alcoholic beverages make sure you have a designated driver.

How far are the boats allowed to go?

We are located in Backwater Jack’s Cove at the 17.5 Mile Marker of the main channel of The Lake of the Ozarks.  With our boats you may go as far as:

  • Shady Gator’s (main channel 7MM)
  • Margaritaville (main channel 26MM)
  • Public Beach #1 in the State Park (Grand Glaize Arm 11.5MM).

Should one of our vessels pass the designated boundaries the Renter would be responsible for any necessary towing fees, which start at $200.

How long will a tank of fuel last?

There is no simple answer because of all the variables involved, such as:

  • Driving Style
  • Motor Size
  • Weight
  • Hull Design
  • Wind and Weather
  • Water Current

Some rough guidelines would be:

  • A 90 Horsepower engine can use 5 – 7 gallons per hour.
  • A 300 Horsepower engine can use 20 – 22 gallons per hour.
Can I purchase renter's insurance through you?

We do not offer any form of insurance coverage, we are not an insurance company.  The lessee is responsible for the watercraft. 

What if the weather turns bad?

If the weather causes you to have to return the boat rental we will not hold you responsible, and we will prorate your payment.

The details say the boat can hold 12 people, but it looks like more will fit. Can we bring more?

Rentals boats only allow up to 12 people including the driver, per USCG regulations.  You are more than welcome to rent 2 boats to accommodate a larger party. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We need at least 24 hours notice, and more time than that is helpful.